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4 Predictions on the Growth of Industrial Internet Of Things for 2017

The Internet of Things has received global attention and reception over the last four to five years. The IoT predictions within McKinsey Global Institute report The Internet of Things: Mapping the value beyond the hype forecast that the potential of IoT technology will generate value unlocking up to 11.1 trillion US-Dollar (USD) a year by 2025 for the global economy. This implicates…


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IT2Industry 2016 focuses on the digitilization of companies

The most important IT topics and trends in 2016 are IT security, cloud computing and Industry 4.0. That’s the result of a poll as part of the industry indicator ‘BITKOM Branchenbarometer‘, a business survey conducted by the high-tech industry association among ITC (information and telecommunications) companies twice a year. In response to the question “What…


OPC Foundation—new partner of IT2Industry

At the coming edition in June 2016, IT2Industry—International Trade Fair and Open Conference for intelligent, digitally networked working environments—will be cooperating with the OPC Foundation. Apart from a joint stand, an OPC thematic day is also planned as part of the Open Conference. What does OPC mean? Open Platform Communications represent standardized software interfaces for the…


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