Three Questions to Manfred Salat, IT2Industry Project Manager

IT2Industry@productronica 2017

IT2Industry will already take place for the second time as trade fair in a trade fair within the context of the international trade fair productronica at the Munich Exhibition Center from November 14 to 17, 2017. In a conversation on the IT2Industry blog, Manfred Salat, IT2Industry Project Manager, presents the concept of the event and gives initial insights into the accompanying Open Conference.


IT2Industry Blog: Mr. Salat, how do you explain IT2Industry to a visitor, who has never been at the trade fair and cannot understand the specific meaning of the term “Industrial Internet of Things”?

Manfred Salat
Manfred Salat

Manfred Salat:

“IT2Industry in this form is a unique event concept that has not existed in the German trade-fair landscape until now. We provide the link between providers of ICT solutions in relation to digitalization and conventional users from the producing and manufacturing industry.

Due to the digital transformation in our society, companies also have to master the step into the new era. Numerous questions and concerns arise in this context. At IT2Industry, users find answers to their questions, because experts are on hand there with the technical know-how and solutions for the digital implementation of business models.

IT2Industry bridges the gap between the digital demands of each sector with correspondingly appropriate solutions as an embedded event in a network of trade fairs.

The term “Industrial Internet of Things” describes the linking of industrial plants and production sites. In everyday life, we speak of the Internet of Things when a refrigerator is so equipped that it orders milk automatically when the amount of it reaches a certain low level, for example. In the field of industry, the Internet of Things means both the communication between machine and machine as well as between man and machine. At IT2Industry, we show and discuss solutions, approaches and requirements for secure implementation of the industrial Internet of Things.

IT2Industry Blog: You mentioned the event network. In what other trade fairs is IT2Industry embedded and where are the respective main topics?

Manfred Salat:

In addition to productronica, in the context of which IT2Industry will take place next November, the event is also embedded in automatica and electronica. As a leading trade fair, productronica shows the entire value chain in electronics manufacturing from cables to printed circuit boards and all the way to measurement techniques.At automatica in June 2018, exhibitors present solutions to optimize production with a focus on automation and robotics. The focus of electronica in November 2018 is on electronic components such as semiconductors, sensors and displays.

Based on these different focal points of the trade fairs, there are different requirements for the digitalization of the industries. IT2Industry provides the right solutions for digital business models for the respective industry sectors in that we attract industry-specific IT companies for the events.

IT2Industry Blog: An important component of IT2Industry is the Open Conference with presentations and discussion dealing with various aspects of the topics Industry 4.0 and the industrial Internet of Things. Can you already say what the focal topics will be in the context of IT2Industry@productronica and how companies can participate in the conference program?

Manfred Salat:

Based on discussions that we have already had with the first exhibitors and interested companies, big data and the cloud will play a very important role in the Open Conference. In addition we want to provide visitors with an extensive overview of Industry 4.0 topics. Among other things, this also includes industrial IT security, infrastructure and machine to machine communication, abbreviated M2M. Another focal topic will be industry-specific software and systems for the smart factory.

In principle, talks are reserved for exhibitors at and sponsors of IT2Industry in the Open Conference Forum. Should free slots exist, these are available primarily for research institutions, associations or the media. Of course, we reserve the right to include selected speakers with an international reputation for keynotes and will also enrich the Open Conference with panel discussions on current topics such as the future of work. In any case, the program of the Open Conference is strongly application-oriented, because knowledge transfer and exchange are primary with respect to the topic of Industry 4.0, especially for trade visitors from small- and medium-sized companies.

IT2Industry Open Conference 2017


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