‘Smart Data – Future Manufacturing’ as special show at productronica 2017

Logo VDMAEdited by Ingo Becker

Data are playing an indispensable role in increasingly more areas of our life. Whether it concerns detecting traffic jams on roads at an early stage or advertising on websites directly customized for us, collecting and analyzing data on a large scale à la Google & Co. accompanies us unconsciously in almost in almost every area of ​​life in the meantime. This issue is also becoming more important in electronics production. Process optimization, productivity and quality are the key words which give no rest to industry professionals in this context. In addition to hardware for their realization, software is also important for detecting patterns from many recorded measured values and consequently reaching conclusions. At the special show Smart Data – Future Manufacturing, the topics of the data acquisition, data processing and data storage will be presented and explained to visitors in various fields of application as well as will potential new business models.

Sensors are the “sensory organs” of the machines and equipment. They have already been used to monitor processes for decades. Regardless of whether temperature, pressure or vibration sensors, today hundreds of sensors are in production machines that continuously record data. But what can be done with the flood of data? Which data help to optimize processes? Only long term storage and continuous availability in a cloud and the processing of data by means of algorithms make it possible to detect patterns and influence processes in real time. As a result, new business models and performance upgrades can be developed for machines via software updates.

The special show Smart Data – Future Manufacturing is being organized by productronica and VDMA Productronic in hall B2, booth B2.361. Visit us!

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