Ultimate Company Optimization Through Industry 4.0: Digital Twin Is Key

Edited by Ingo Becker

BAVARIAN.INDUSTRIES are becoming SMART-SERVICE.INDUSTRIES” will be the title of a talk by Dr. Klaus Funk, Plattform Digitale Produktion, ZD.B | Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern, on November 15, 2017, (11:30 am) at IT2Industry@productronica 2017 Open Conference (Messe München, hall B2, IT2Industry Open Conference Forum). All life cycles, i.e. of product, factory, process technology, and business cycle, contribute to an integrated set of information. The digital content of the product’s definition increases. So the Digital Twin is key to accelerate innovation.

Industry 4.0 As Vision For Ultimate Optimization

Dr. Klaus Funk Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern ZDB
Dr. Klaus Funk, Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern

In the announcement of his upcoming IT2Industry Open Conference talk, Dr. Klaus Funk writes:

“Industry 4.0 is still a vision for the ultimate optimization of the value streams of not only the production, but the entire company. It aims for more flexibility in terms of the factory, the process technologies and variations of the product itself. Industry 4.0 makes use of real time data rather than fixed assumptions and specification as well as software algorithms. Those data can be aggregated to information that are of great value internally for the manufacturer in its production, and for the partners that base smart service offerings upon them.”

Digital Twin Is Key

Furthermore, Dr. Funk, describes the key technology for companies, the Digital Twin:

“The digital twins can be seen as a big leap to accelerate the innovation cycle for both, the manufacturer and the customer. Those twins act virtually the same way as the physical prototype would, so that its behaviour in a bigger system can be simulated ahead of physical delivery. Incompatibilities during installation are identified, users can be trained. The longer the more, the digital twin becomes part of the product definition.”

The emerging Digital Twin technology was explained before generally as “a virtual model of a process, product or service” (Forbes.com). The future expectations on this emerging topic rised SAP IoT:Digital twins are becoming a business imperative, covering the entire life cycle of an asset or process and forming the foundation for connected products and services”.


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