„IT security is the lifeblood of Industry 4.0“ – Three Questions to: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lechner, Bundeswehr University

IT Security Critical Infrastructures – Public Hand and Industry” is the topic of the Open Conference discussion at IT2Industry @ productronica on 15 November 2017, at 13:30 (Messe München, Hall B2). As an expert, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lechner from the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, will join the discussion on the podium. In advance, she answered our questions about IT security during the interview.

IT2Industry Blog –– What are the biggest challenges for companies in Industry 4.0 in your opinion?

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Lechner, University of the Bundeswehr Munich

The biggest challenge will be the topic of IT security, including with respect to questions about privacy. In our study “Monitor of the security of critical infrastructures“, we see that IT security is no longer predominantly perceived as a barrier to innovation. In digitalizing on the way to Industry 4.0, many companies will renew their business models and the way they structure their basic processes. They have to seize the opportunity in this context to make business processes better and more secure.

IT2Industry Blog –– What role will the area of IT security play due to the more strongly networked worlds of work?

IT is the working muscle of industry 4.0; without IT, new processes without media fragmentation cannot exist and no robot can carry out work. IT security is the lifeblood of Industry 4.0, controlling, monitoring and—if need be—triggering lightning fast protection reflexes. The role of the IT security will be to build up this vital nerve.

IT2Industry Blog –– In your estimation, which fields have possibilities of collaborating in research, education, business and society in the wake of digitalization?

What has society learned from the revolution of the Internet, e-commerce and e-business? Digitalization to Industry 4.0 will at least be just as disruptive as e-commerce and e-business. Research, education and the business world can only structure digitalization together and above all in dialog with society.

Ulrike Lechner holds the Chair for Information Systems at the Universität der Bundeswehr München. She leads project VeSiKi – the coordinating project “Networked Security for Critical Infrastructures” of the research program IT-Security for Critical Infrastructures of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Ulrike Lechner studied Computer Science at the Universität Passau and did her PhD at the Universität Passau. She held positions as professor, lecturer and project manager at the Universität St. Gallen. She had a professorship position at the Universität Bremen. Her research interests are IT-Security for Critical Infrastructures, Enterprise Architectures and Crisis Management.

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