Power of Cognitive IoT Ecosystem [Guest Posting]

Niklaus Waser IBM Watson IoT Center
Niklaus H. Waser, VP, IBM Watson IoT Global EcoSystem

Everything around us has become connected and digitized; its critical to be able to make sense of these millions of data points from these sensors – to help create a safer world for us, a better consumer experiences and excellence in service while eliminating redundancies. Cognitive systems puts all types of data — even data that you may not be aware of — into context and help make sense of Internet of Things (IoT).

This is a new era of augmented intelligence where man & machine bring new levels of efficiencies together. IBM Watson IoT, through its powerful cognitive computing capabilities, is leading the evolution from just gathering and predicting, to truly understanding the patterns and relationships in the massive amounts of data being collected by the IoT.

Munich became the epicenter of the cognitive Internet of Things at the beginning of this year with IBM‘s launch of the global Watson IoT headquarters; industry’s first-ever cognitive collaboratory – bringing together partners, clients, industry leaders, developers and more to collocate at the heart of this collaborative innovation hub, to tackle the most complex challenges.

About Niklaus H. Waser

Niklaus H. Waser is responsible for expanding the IBM Watson Internet of Things business unit Ecosystem, through collaborations with governments, professional & industry associations, universities & research institutes, and start-up communities all around the world. He is working closely with the Watson IoT Center in Munich, which he was responsible for designing and establishing. Prior to his roles in the unit, Niklaus led the German Industrial Sector at IBM; earlier in his career he held various management positions such as Strategic Business Development for IBM Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Niklaus brings along deep Industry knowledge, having built up long term service engagements and client relationships in the Petroleum, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, and Manufacturing industries in Germany and Europe. He holds a Master in Engineering and Economics from the University of Kaiserslautern and is a passionate and experienced sailor.



  • I can’t agree more with the statement that it is important to put in context the millions of data points gathered from the numerous sensors and eventually help make sense of IoT.

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