7 Cybersecurity Capabilities IT Professionals Should Bring Along for 2018

IT Professionals Skills 2018

Edited by Ingo Becker

For more than two of five CIOs (43 percent) cybersecurity have the highest priority in terms of technical skills at their company according to a recently published study by US career and job experts Robert Half Technology “IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trends Report“. As well, one of five C-level information technology managers (21 percent) estimate to grow at their team within the first six months of 2018. Key items which IT / security professionals should bring along in the next year due to the report “The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals“ by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) are:

#1 Data Base Management and Analytics

Security data management and analytic skills are in sharp demand. Data scientists and IT professionals with data management predictive-analytics skills are the best suited for picking up cybersecurity data management skills. The volume of data companies manage today is overwhelming, and to respond to vulnerabilities and threats is hard to do when you have so much data in your environment.

#2 Security Analysis and Investigation

Cybersecurity industry is recently shifting to a call for threat hunting and incident response skills detection and response. One-third (33 percent) of the survey respondents said their organization had an acute shortage of security analysis and investigation skills. The demand already uprised in the last months of 2017 and it will go on. Cybersecurity professionals are basically prepared if they are able to bring along digital forensic skills e.g to identify and isolate ransomware or handle attacks which are state-sponsored.

#3 Cloud Security

Cloud security architecture skills are listed by 22 percent of ESG/ISSA report survey respondents as in short supply. Though the need for it is constantly trending, this demand is expected to continue to grow in 2018. Cloud security architect skills are in demand the most companies, especially if they use cloud platforms as Microsoft Azure or Amazon’s AWS – as well as to handle the risk posture, despite transferring their Security Operations Center (SOC) to the cloud

#4 IoT Security

To secure IoT systems, platforms and devices, and the interconnectivity means a key ability for IT pros, as software of IoT devices usually is not secure. For example, network administrators and chief security architects, with a view across all endpoints, need to have IoT security skills, as event printer devices connected to the internet can be at risk for an attack.

#5 Risk Analysis and Negotiation

Due to ESG/ISSA survey results, 22 percent pointed out that a shortage in risk analysis and compliance skills became obvious in their company. In contrast these skills plus negotiating the specific outcome with other departments to minimize risks are important security abilities IT professionals need to possess. In general, companies tend to be more familiar with key topics about risk and compliance, but on the other hand develop a lack of security and technology cognition.

#6 Communication

Cybersecurity is an immanent topic, up to companies’ management board. Not only in situations demanding for risk and compliance capabilities, IT professionals, as well as security executives and managers, should be able to communicate the key aspects in a nutshell, more precisely when cooperating with colleagues, customers, and executives who are not as technical.

#7 Secure Application Development

For companies app security seems to become even more significant in the future, In this context, a proactive approach like integrating security while developing would be easier and cost-effective than applying it later, as a reactive approach like threat analysis and investigation. The rise of development of (mobile) applications means a constant and growing demand for security within the development process from the start. As 32 percent of ESG/ISSA report survey respondents noted a sharp shortage of application development security skills, so that especially app developers are faced with the demand to build up capabilities in security.

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