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Edited by Ingo Becker

Bringing IoT in manufacturing to life: The IT2Industry Forum at automatica 2018 will present from 19 to 22 June a four-day-program with keynotes and lectures by renowned experts and panel discussions on red hot topics from IT and Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Every day a keynote will be held as groundbreaking introduction and inspirational take-off for trade fair visitors. These are the IT2Industry keynote speakers and their topics –

Data Science, Security, Product Automation – IoT galore

Alexander Koerner, Software Solution Architect, IBM Deutschland GmbH, will hold his keynote on “New IoT Technology Trends that will impact Production Automation” on Tuesday, 19 June, 2018 (12 pm).

Alexander Koerner IBM
Alexander Körner, IBM

In the announcement of his keynote, Alexander Koerner focuses on the core topics of the lecture:

“Many IoT and IT environments are facing challenges: Connectivity into the cloud can be slow or intermittent; sending all production data into the cloud will be very expensive, sometimes even impossible and not always reasonable at all. With the introduction of the GDPR in Europe, we will also face a new level of data privacy requirements and regulations possibly affecting the way how sensor data can be processed. into new IoT technology trends, which will impact how production automation data will be processed in the not-so-far future and at the same time overcome some of the challenges mentioned before. Data will be processed on the edge supported by services from the cloud, but also on the edge while utilizing ad-hoc edge-to-edge mesh networks. This technology approach will enable AI (artificial intelligence) on the edge, to e.g. enable self-optimizing production processes, to detect production anomalies or to predict potential outages.”

Dr. Robert Helling Chaos Computer Club München
Dr. Robert Helling Chaos Computer Club München

The keynote held by Dr. Robert Helling, Chaos Computer Club München, on Wednesday, 20 June, 2018 (11:40 am) will spot on “IoT – Security, Liability, and Politics“. As the deployment of cheap IoT devices explodes, he will answer to questions as how to maintain security and how society can stop a surge of unadministered vulnerable networked computers, and writes in advance of his talk:

Internet connectivity can be added to any electrical device for a hand full of dollars worth of hardware. The cost of maintaining security over the life-cycle of these devices can be higher by orders of magnitude. If ignored, we can end up with an internet dominated by vulnerable devices that at best shut down but can also become members of botnets. Already today we see attacks from such devices causing damages worth millions of dollars. The response will not only be technical but also political: We will see liability rules established for manufacturers and owners of such devices. Now is the time to decide which policies are good and which are harmful.

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IoT and IIoT: What’s next?

Dr. Christian Schlögel, connyun
Dr. Christian Schlögel, connyun

On Thursday, 21 June, 2018 (11:40am), Dr. Christian Schlögel, CEO, connyun GmbH, will focus in his keynote on “Customer value first: next era of IIoT – Data Science to boost raw data to insights” (in German language).

IIoT platforms are the focus of many discussions until now, as they revolve around the strategic orientation of many companies. Use cases and business cases are discussed later. IIoT applications provide support systems that solve common problems in the production standard. They deliver added value mission-uncritical in terms of shorter reaction times and higher overall system effectiveness. The openness of the platforms also allows an enormous network density, so that companies are not bound strategically and able to focus on use cases.

In addition, specific problems can be analyzed with data science applications and, in the next step, optimized automatically via machine learning algorithms. This allows to reveal deviations and drifts from different machines and implement predictive maintenance solutions for a wide range of environments.

Detlev Richter TÜV SÜD
Detlev Richter, TÜV SÜD

In his keynote on Friday, 22 June, 2018 (11:40 am), Dr.-Ing. Detlev Richter, Global Head of Industrial and Energy Products, TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH, will showcase, that “Security of connected, modular, Industry facilities needs a dynamic security architecture 4.0″ (in German language – Original title: “Sicherheit von vernetzten, modularen, Industrieanlagen erfordert eine dynamische Sicherheitsarchitektur 4.0 (Safety & Security)“).

The success of industrial production (Industry 3.0) is based on the specialization and mastery of individual processes; in the context of Industry 4.0, success will essentially depend on the coordination of modular and dynamic processes. Permanently defined manufacturing processes are broken up and expanded by inter-communicating – and self-optimizing – Industry 4.0 machines. Today’s static security architecture does not support the speedy implementation of available concepts, or does not fully support them.

In cooperation with the industry, TÜV SÜD works on dynamic security architectures based on the Industry 4.0 (I4.0) specification. For example, at the German technology initiative SmartFactory KL, such an eco-system will be presented and specific dependencies of ‘security for safety’ on networked I4.0 components and machines will be discussed.

Talks at IT2Industry Forum – IT Exhibitors at Topic Area

Besides of the IT2Industry Forum there are currently 50 exhibitors registered in the IT2Industry topic area – IT providers as enterprise specialists for Industry 4.0/IoT presenting products for the smart factory, industrial IT security, cloud computing and big data solutions, virtual reality, industry-specific software and systems, and predictive maintenance.

In addition to IT2Industry topic area and Industry 4.0 highlights a further approximately 30 automatica exhibitors will be presenting IT products and solutions.

From 19 to 22 June, 2018, Messe München will be showcasing IT2Industry as a new integrated topic area of automatica 2018 (hall B4) in a combination of lecture program and exhibition.
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